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MC strengthens its brand competence

Launch of the MC BRANDNEWS: Experts analyse worldwide brand trends in the new MC newsletter

MEDIA CONSULTA (MC) enlarges its brand competence with the launch of the new newsletter MC BRANDNEWS. Every other month, it will provide an account of news from the market environment as well as background information from sciences and practice. Today, the first volume of the four-sided online brand letter was sent out in German and English. The MC brand newsletter is published by MC and addresses the management, CEOs and executives from the field marketing and sales. „The uniqueness of MC BRANDNEWS is the compact gathering of international expertise, brand-related trends and news from all over the world – at first-hand”, says MC CEO Harald Zulauf. “With bureaus in 56 countries, among all 27 member states of the European Union, we can draw upon a global network. That’s why MC has an unrivaled position for clients within sciences and politics.” MC BRANDNEWS is written by brand experts Karsten Kilian and Horst Priessnitz, head of the MC Brand Academy and former chief executive officer of the brand association (Markenverband). For their coverage they evaluate all print and online media as well as scientific papers, studies and dissertations whilst analysing current developments in the brand segment. The focus of the newsletter lies on communicating worldwide trends and reports, based on the expertise of the international MC correspondents. When readers are suitably pleased with MC BRANDNEWS, they can recommend it to friends and colleagues with ease – one click of a mouse is enough. You can find the current issue as well as continued information and additional service offers on You can reach the editorial department on