Whether it is radio, TV, online, outdoor advertising, print or social media – our range of services encompasses far more than just media planning or buying. Maximum Media thinks cross-medially and combines the various channels for the ideal media mix. Our team of experts advises you from the creation of the central idea, the definition of KPIs to the implementation and follow-up of integrated media campaigns. We ensure comprehensive monitoring and documentation to report and guide the success of the campaign.


Our team of globally experienced employees analyses the latest local and global trends regularly, paving the way for target group-specific communication with a lasting impact. Using our agency’s own media software and research, we create the most efficient reach profiles that identify gaps in the media mix at an early stage and thus ensure the success of the campaign.

Areas of expertise

Strategic Media Consulting

Media Planning (Classic & Digital)

Media Buying

Crossmedia Campaigns


Evaluation & Quality Management