Slalom Global Consulting soon to open office in Munich, Germany

Slalom Global Consulting soon to open office in Munich, Germany

Slalom Global Consulting soon to open office in Munich, Germany

The global consulting firm Slalom, with Headquarters in Seattle, and offices in the UK, US, Japan, Canada and Australia, has announced at the beginning of May the opening of its first EU office in Munich. For this occasion, mc Group has been granted the responsibility to prepare and launch a marketing and press campaign.

This modern company is currently recognized for its capabilities in digital and innovation consulting, cloud consulting, strategy consulting and business transformation and modernization. They earned this reputation also, but not only, thanks to the exciting partnerships with numerous top technology platforms: Microsoft, Google Cloud, Salesforce, Snowflake and AWS. On the other hand, they can also pride themselves on the number of awards earned for being a top employer, that puts culture, inclusivity and people at the forefront of its priorities.

In regards to Slalom’s growth strategy into new markets, John Tobin, Executive Vice President, says “We approach our growth in a uniquely Slalom way, guided by our values and unwavering customer focus”. Slalom’s plan for Germany include the new office location in Munich, and the hiring process that will result in at least 75 new employees. The expansion plan that will follow involves new locations in Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne and Dusseldorf.

To promote the company and its values, mc Group committed to an exciting campaign project, which revolves around the following:

  • Implementing a solid PR strategy through the creation of press kits and press releases
  • Building a strong social media presence
  • Increasing both awareness and networking opportunities through Slalom’s participation to the most important events for the consulting sector in Germany
  • Providing recommendations for SEM, through the setup of SEA and a strong focus on SEO, to place Slalom among the strongest competitors in the country, at the top of the search results page.
  • Creating partnerships with strong paid media outlets in Germany to increase brand awareness in the target country.

We are excited to continue perfecting and applying our marketing strategy plan to lead to a successful campaign result for Slalom, and many more benefits for the German consulting sector and the industries involved.

To know more about Slalom’s plans for the near future, check the newsroom section of the website.

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