mc International offers full-service communication solutions on a global scale. Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of communication disciplines including media campaigns. At the helm, mc International masterfully utilises these services in a strategic, cohesive and well-planned way that delivers a fully integrated communication consultancy service to our clients.


From our global headquarters in Berlin, Germany, mc International can conceptualise, plan, coordinate and implement cross-border communication campaigns. With a global network of over 80 agencies – including offices in all EU 27 member states, the EU candidate states and all major and emerging economic centres – and an international team consisting of 25 nations in our headquarter, we are able to factor in diverse communication environments, languages, cultures and legal infrastructures in each country. Through us, international communication activities are nationally adapted and locally relevant, yet globally consistent. 

Areas of expertise

Communication strategies

PR activities

Proactive press work

Media cooperations


Production of PR-Publications

Influencer Marketing

Social Media

Evaluation & Quality Management