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mc sponsorship of the 2016 Genrenale Film Festival

mc Group is a proud sponsor of this year’s Genrenale, the first film festival dedicated solely to new German genre cinema. This year’s motto is, “Keep it Unreal” and will take place at Kino Babylon in Berlin from 17-18 February. The festival promises a wide variety of interesting cinema followed by engaging conversation. mc is happy to support alternative, artistic cinematography through its sponsorship of the festival.

The Genrenale showcases cinema spanning all genres: action, science fiction, fantasy, horror, thriller, film noir and mystery. The focus of the festival is to give German films of diverse genres a place that they have not found on the television or in the cinema. This year’s Genrenale will present a selection of the best German genre films from the past year and offer fans, filmmakers and industry representatives a platform to exchange ideas and discuss the films.

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