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mc advertises for ‚Make it in Germany‘

Qualified Professionals are scarce in Germany – and the situation is worsening due to demographic change. As a reaction, the German Federal Government started the “Qualified Professionals Initiative”, which is realised by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, as well as the Federal Employment Agency. 

An important part of the concept is the welcome portal “Make it in Germany”, falling in the responsibility of the Cologne Institute for Economic Research. From now on, the communications agency media consulta will provide international PR and marketing measures. Some sectors already complain about a great shortage of professionals. Demographic change in Germany threatens to toughen the problem. Under the Federal Government’s “Qualified Professionals Inititative”, the Cologne Institute for Economic Research (IW) through its website “Make it in Germany” shows how professionals from foreign countries can build a future in the Middle European country. Always practical, the platform offers a diversity of information about life and work in Germany. It informs potential employees, where professionals are demanded and what is required to take up a job. Besides this important advice “Make it in Germany” serves as an expression of the welcome culture in the Federal Republic and provides an up-to-date image.

mc provides strategic concept

India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Russia are some of the countries, in which the Berlin-based communication agency media consulta will intensely promote the portal. With mc’s support, the IW aims at raising awareness of the website in the target countries and wants to convince professionals of Germany’s wide range of opportunities and culture. Thus, the agency developed an approach for addressing the target group most properly. This approach for example considers the existing opinion towards Germany in the respective countries, and this way generates a high impact. The central media tool is an image film. Furthermore, the main idea is reflected in the areas print, online, mobile and social media. Another part of the project is conceptional and organisational consulting in press work and in recruiting events, both in Germany and in the target countries. A close cooperation with the network agencies in the latter is undeniably an integral requirement for the success of the various measures. “I’m convinced that international campaigns only pay off, if they are implemented on-site”, mc’s CEO Harald Zulauf says.