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MC Academy with 60 events this year

From advanced courses through to collaborations with universities – MC expands its internal and external seminar programme

The MC Academy relies on its success of the past year; with new contents and advanced courses, MEDIA CONSULTA (MC) expands its internal and external advanced training. The number of events increases from 50 to 60.One of the first measures are new seminar topics; Professor Annamaria Rucktäschel at Berlin University of the Arts launched the new MC Academy programme, giving a speech to creative techniques and wording in January. Also new are, amongst others advanced courses in PR planning, time management and working organisation. They are aimed at the advanced who seek to extend their knowledge. With “Negotiation Skills” and “Intercultural Communication”, the MC Academy expands its international workshop programme. Colleagues from the international MC network agencies regularly participate in the seminars.Also, the MONDAY LECTURES with prestigious speakers and the PRACTICE series have become well established. The latter delivers insight into the work of other media institutions and is quite popular with apprentices. Examples of the past year are a speech given by Joachim Schrader from the German publishing house Bauer, to special advertising formats, visits to the capital’s studio of the First German TV Channel ARD and to printing houses. Both the MONDAY LECTURES and the PRACTICE series will be part of MC Academy in 2009. The MC Exchange Programme gives the international MC team the opportunity to work in other EU countries and gain expertise abroad. In the scope of the support programme, “Journalists International” of the Free University Berlin, MC delivers scholarship holders, Russian journalists and the Executive Director of a Moscow PR agency insight into the integrated communication work at the MC headquarters in Berlin. More information about the MC Academy you can get here.