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Diabetes - Not just a question of type

Diabetes: an increasing number of people are affected by it. Unbalanced nutrition, too much fast food, not enough fruit and vegetables, but also lack of exercise are among the causes.

In Germany alone, 7 million people currently suffer from diabetes, 95 percent of whom suffer from Type 2 diabetes - and the trend is rising. With these alarming facts in mind, the German Diabetes Center, supported by mc Group, decided to launch a broad nationwide information campaign.

Diabetes is a disease where most adults are unaware of the serious consequences that come with it. However, the risk factors for Type 2 diabetes can be significantly reduced by eating healthy food and exercise. This preventive aspect, as well as information on diabetes and its complications, is the main focus of the campaign "Diabetes - Not just a question of type" of the German Diabetes Center.

To ensure that the message reaches people, the Corporate Publishing department of mc Germany developed an integrated campaign with a new logo and slogan promoted on print motifs, in TV commercials and on social media. The campaign includes testimonials from German sports celebrities such as the Olympic weightlifting champion Matthias Steiner (who is himself affected by diabetes) or the former world champion in kickboxing and medical doctor Dr. Christine Theiss.

The successful stage actress Kerstin Römer and TV actor Armin Dillenberger present short, humorous videos to show the public how much our everyday life is marked by excessively rich food. It is an important appeal to question and reconsider own eating habits. The TV department of mc Germany produced a total of 16 explanatory films on this subject in several languages that are distributed online. The campaign has so far reached more than 2.8 million people in Germany.