Support to Communication Activities for EU’s Refugee Assistance in Turkey


Delegation of the European Union to Turkey


  • The overall objective is to communicate the EU’s commitment to supporting Turkey in its efforts to host the largest number of persons in need of international protection in the world
  • To raise awareness about the EU’s efforts to support persons in need of international protection (especially Syrians) and host communities in Turkey
  • Confirming the EU’s commitment within the 18 March EU-Turkey statement and showcasing concrete support measures, as well as their impact on the ground.
  • Informing EU Member States and the International community about the EU’s actions in support of refugees in Turkey under the Facility for Refugees in Turkey


  • Producing a TV series to be aired on a national TV channel in TurkeyA stakeholder analysis (based on existing survey data) and Producing the 10-episode series
  • Securing screening rights at times with at least average audience for the proposed national TV channel & Ensuring the TV channel to be among the top-rated nationally by audience reached
  • Preparing the content and script of the episodes
  • Providing logistics and technical equipment, voiceover, background music, editing, sound and light systems
  • Planning visits to filming for each project in different regions of Turkey, especially regions in the southeast.
  • Organizing press trips to showcase EU support to refugees in Turkey
  • Planning and supporting the management of press trips
  • Identification and invitation of journalists
  • Assisting EUD in organizing and setting up and/or drafting
  • Advising EUD on relevant speakers
  • Management of speakers
  • Supporting logistics for travel accommodation arrangements of journalists & providing logistics for meetings, dinners, lunches, etc
  • Coordination of related parties and technical agencies
  • Designing and producing branding materials
  • Providing interpretation service and On-site attendance
  • Designing and implementing the EU Delegation’s communication Presence at 7 Europe Day events
  • Designing the EU Delegation’s communication action plan for the refugee response.
  • Implementing the EU Delegation’s communication action plan

Target groups

  • General public in Turkey
  • Arabic-speaking refugee community, particularly Syrian communities
  • EU Member States and International Organizations


  • The series has portrayed real people and revealed a positive impact on their lives by concrete projects implemented under the FRIT. Humanitarian and non-humanitarian aid is making a difference between refugees and host communities.
  • Three press trips were held to make the EU journalists more familiar with EU’s support to Turkey in response to the refugee crisis by providing first-hand information on how the €3 billion Facility for Refugees in Turkey is being rolled out.