PR Support for Atlantis, The Palm


Atlantis The Palm Hotel & Resort, Dubai


  • Partnerships with local media and luxury type brands generating numerous benefits for the client’s image
  • Organization of events in partner with local luxury restaurants and bars
  • Organization of individual and group press trips
  • Organization of celebrity holiday at ATP with extensive media coverage
  • Organization of photo shoots at ATP
  • Dissemination of press releases and press kit information
  • Organization of television show shootings at ATP
  • Interview organization with key hotel management
  • Promotion of restaurants and hotel facilities in the media
  • Increase of visibility of Atlantis, The Palm in the media
  • Increase of tourists going to Atlantis, The Palm


  • Increase and promote media coverage about Atlantis in Germany, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and Russia through traditional PR and online measures
  • Create partnership opportunities with luxury brands in order to raise visibility among target groups
  • Develop innovative ideas to highlight the uniqueness and exclusivity of the hotel
  • Position the hotel as the first choice when travelling to Dubai with regards to existing competition
  • Media liaison with key travel trade, consumer, lifestyle and mainline media
  • Press and media work in 6 markets (Germany, France, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland and Russia)
  • Press trips for groups, individuals, VIPs and influencers
  • Organization of photo shoots with e.g. VOGUE Paris
  • Organization of television shows in Atlantis, The Palm (e.g. “Kitchen Impossible” (VOX) in Germany with 1.2 million viewers)
  • Organization of interviews with the management of the hotel
  • Advertising for restaurants and hotel facilities in the media
  • Cooperation with Dubai Tourism & Commerce Marketing (DTCM) and Emirates
  • Media and brand co-operations (e.g. with BILD in Germany: editorial prize draw and travel support of the winners)
  • Interviews with Le Monde, Le Parisien, Challenge and AFP
  • Press trips between 4 and 5 days, including presentation of the entire hotel complex and the extreme sports offer
  • Partnerships with local media and luxury brands

Target groups

  • Target groups in the markets of Germany, France, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Poland.
  • Liberal intellectuals: 35-60 years old, married with children, successful careers and enjoy a good status in society
  • Performers: Below 30 years old, single, highly educated, successful and adventurous
  • Expeditionary level: 30-40 years old, open to explore new experiences, tolerant and well educated


  • Advertising equivalent value of 2.8M in Germany and France after 3 months
  • $3 million advertising value and $9 million PR value per market