The “EU Saves Lives” Roadshow successfully completes its second tour through Europe

The “EU Saves Lives” Roadshow successfully completes its second tour through Europe

With the communication campaign “EU Saves Lives”, mc Group once again draws attention to the humanitarian aid provided by DG ECHO of the European Commission.

This year, the roadshow went into a second round. The background to the campaign is to draw more attention to EU humanitarian aid. After all, the EU is the world’s largest provider of humanitarian aid in crisis areas. Every year, EU-funded projects reach 120 million people in over 110 countries. The route of the “EU Saves Lives” roadshow in 2019 ran from Vienna via Naples to Nicosia, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Essen, Lyon and ended in a spectacular final in Portimão.

In the pavilion of the “EU Saves Lives” roadshow, visitors were able to immerse themselves in the world of the Rohingya refugees, watch how children go to school in Kenya or how the Spanish Air Force fights forest fires. With the help of the latest generation of virtual reality technology, visitors were able to experience worldwide missions at first hand. With the VR headsets, which show the specially produced 360° videos the visitors were able to dive into the world of Kenya, Spain, Sweden and Bangladesh.

The novelty at this year’s roadshow were the motion chairs. Together with the VR headset, the visitors could not only watch the videos live, but also feel what was happening inside them through the armchairs with motion sensors.

mc Group continued the campaign concept in 2019. The futuristic-looking pavilions found their place in the largest shopping malls of European cities in both 2018 and 2019 and brought the EU’s humanitarian aid closer to visitors for ten days. Inside the pavilion, visitors immerse themselves in the crisis areas using VR technology. In addition to the videos created for the VR roadshow, the mc Group provided further activities and merchandise for the visitors on site – including a quiz specially designed for the campaign as well as booklets, flyers and balloons.

mc Group accompanies the campaign with comprehensive event management on site and press and social media work from the agency’s headquarter in Berlin. The campaign expands by local celebrities who are present at the openings in the respective cities and are available for autographs and photos. Through its innovative approach, the “EU Saves Lives” campaign demonstrates the positive impact the European Union has on the lives of European citizens and those in need worldwide.