mc Morocco (Presma RP) has been engaged since 1996 in the field of press, publishing and PR in Morocco.Press and media relations, as well as event management, are the core competences of mc Morocco. The agency is not only known for their skills, but also for their achievements in the area of communication for multinational companies in various market segments. With its roots in the media landscape, the agency has been a pioneer in the Moroccan market by offering organisations and businesses high-level media relations and public relations support.

Facts & figures

Managing Director:Fawzia Talout Meknassi
Members of staff:12
Annual turnover:EUR 2.1 million
Billings:EUR 14.0 million

Key areas of Expertise

Integrated Communications, Events, Press Relations, Strategy, Media Training

Key references

Groupe des brasseries du Maroc
Imperial Tobacco
L’Agence de l’Oriental
Louis Vuitton
Marie Claire