mc Kazakhstan (Promo Group Communications) was founded in 2008 for optimisation of the state media resources of Kazakhstan and to improve the competitiveness of the information field for the Republic.The agency is one of the recognised leaders in the market of public relations in the field of corporate communications with years of experience and the undisputed leader in the field of financial communications. mc Kazakhstan is the only Kazakh Agency, which has seven years of experience in the field of PR-support IPO and post-IPO communications, providing a range of services for business, government, public agencies and international organisations.

Facts & figures

Managing Director:Assel Karaulova
Members of staff:41
Annual turnover:EUR 2.4 million
Billings:EUR 16.0 million

Key areas of Expertise

Integrated Communications, PR, Advertising, Television, Telecommunication, Production, Radio.

Key references

EL Arna
Egemen Kazakhstan
Kazakhstanskaya Pravda
KBS Media
Mondo TV
Radio Astana