mc Georgia (Betterfly), is one of Georgia´s largest PR and communications agency.Founded in 2008, mc Georgia has over the years transformed itself from an advertising company into a global leader in integrated communications, planning and implementation. The firm offers a wide variety of services to both local and international brands, government institutions as well as international organizations. Through the firm’s innovative approach mc Georgia has managed to work and partner with international top rated companies.

Facts & figures

Managing Director:David Jashi
Members of staff:55
Annual turnover:EUR 4 million
Billings:EUR 26 million

Key areas of Expertise

Strategic Branding, Integrated Marketing Campaigns, TV Commercials, Design, Event Management and Marketing, Web Development, Integrated Digital Projects, Video and Film Production, Trade Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing, TV Media, Social Media, Online Media

Key references

Mc Donald´s
WWF Georgia
Philip Morris International