mc China (Ionic Media), headquartered in Beijing, consists of Ionic Media, Ionic Trade and Ionic Digital, providing services across China. Since 2007, the agency has been focusing on helping overseas organizations, tourism boards, airlines, chambers of commerce, exporters’ associations, industry associations, etc., to position and market their brands in China by utilizing the agency´s broad network of media, trade and government organizations in China through the most effective approach.The team believes in connections, and therefore, helps clients to obtain positive and dynamic relations with customers and relevant players in industry to achieve maximal brand value and success. mc China offers a full-cycle of expertise in PR, Digital, Event and Advertising, analyzing the market for each client and creating unique products targeted at a specific consumer. Over their 10 years of experience, the agency earned a good reputation and a circle of regular Group is also present in Beijing with its own subsidiary, mc China, to serve as a country Hub for China and to coordinate (including quality management) all activities for clients in politics and business.

Facts & figures

Managing Director:Ying Yang
Members of staff:20
Annual turnover:EUR 4.5 million

Key areas of Expertise

PR, Event, Visual Design, Advertising, TV Show Production, Exhibition services, Commercial matching, E-mail Direct Marketing, Delegation Handling, Business Consulting, Integrated Digital Media Campaigns and Social Media.

Key references

Croatian National Tourist Board
Delegation of the European Union
Discover Cappadocia
Ethiopian Airlines
Hunan TV
India Tourism
Izmir Chamber of Commerce
Shanxi TV
Slovenian Tourist Board
Sri Lankan Airlines
Sri Lanka Tourism
Turkey Tourism