mc Chile (Simplicity) is a full–service communications and advertising firm able to resolve the clients’ needs with a unified approach. The team consists of nearly 30 qualified professionals.Providing an innovative two-fold approach that articulates both strategic communications and corporate advertising challenges, mc Chile improves clients’ reputation through simple and results-driven solutions.

Facts & figures

Managing Director:Matias Vodanovic
Members of staff:24

Key areas of Expertise

Brand PR, Creative Consulting, Advertising, Branding, Digital, production and storytelling, Media Management, Digital Marketing, Financial Communication, Crisis and Reputation management, Internal communications and research

Key references

Asociación Nacional de Fútbol (ANFP)
Clínica Las Condes
Cuerpo de Bomberos de Santiago
Gamma Capital
Desafío Levantemos Chile
Grup Peralada
Grupo Familia
Los Héroes Caja de Compensación