1. Integrated campaigns worldwide

We unite 10 specialised agencies in the areas of PR, creative design, media planning, TV, digital, event, corporate publishing and sports entertainment with our subsidiary agencies Global Translate and Global Travel to form independent units working together as one. mc employees therefore often find themselves working on integrated campaigns with a global reach for their customers.

2. Welcome to an international team

We value cultural diversity – and not just in our global network with more than 80 agencies worldwide. In our Berlin headquarters alone, our colleagues come from 25 countries representing the key regions of our network.

3. Employee satisfaction

Regular staff surveys evaluated by an independent staff research institute show that mc employees appreciate the close cooperation between the different units and specialised departments. The employees awarded the agency an average mark of 2.1 in the categories teamwork and employee satisfaction (using the German school marking system). Our objective for the next survey in 2017 is to improve that mark to under 2.0. Suggestions on how to optimise work flows are also always welcome. But also in between the staff surveys, we are always thankful for notes, suggestions and criticisms about all issues concerning the workplace at media consulta. For this purpose, we set up an anonymous Suggestion Box which is available via the mc Intranet.

4. Fair and flexible working hours

mc demonstrates that a career in a communication agency can be combined with a good work-life balance. Our employees’ average weekly working hours amount to a reasonable 41 hours. As a global agency with clients in many different time zones such as New York or Brazil, we do sometimes need to be available for our clients outside of regular working hours, so overtime and occasional weekend hours do happen. Employees working more than 45 hours a week or on weekends are entitled to compensation days. In coordination with the respective units, flexi-time is also an option.

5. Apprenticeship with “Fair Company” label recognised by IHK

Interns and trainees at mc are given responsibility and fair remuneration, for which mc was awarded the label “Fair Company” by business magazine “Karriere”. Even better: we are always on the lookout for people interested in doing an apprenticeship within our international agency network. These apprenticeships are versatile, hands-on and recognised by the German Chamber of Commerce.

6. Gender equality

The word disparity does not exist in our vocabulary. 53 percent of mc employees are women and almost 58 percent of our leadership positions are filled by women.

7. Kids or career?! Both!

mc contributes up to 1200 EUR a year to childcare costs – whether for day-care or nanny services. We also offer flexible working models for mothers and fathers, ranging from part-time to individually-tailored working schedules.

8. mc Academy – Knowledge without boundaries

mc pays special attention to the professional training and development of its employees. mc Academy offers extensive training and continuing education programs. From seminars and “Insight” events to the regular ambassadors’ debates on socially-relevant topics – knowledge acquisition is set no boundaries here! Furthermore, mc offers every employee from junior level onwards the opportunity to get to know one of its other agencies in over 80 locations worldwide as part of the mc Network Exchange Programs.

9. Fitness pays off

Health is a top priority at mc, which is why we introduced an employee sports subsidy to support staff looking after their own health. This enables us to actively support a healthy lifestyle. The employee sports subsidy can be put towards the cost of a gym membership or expenses for other health-related activities, such as medically certified back muscle training. We also cooperate with gyms in the local area, where our employees are eligible for reduced membership fees.

10. Active social responsibility

For mc, Corporate Social Responsibility is not a fig leaf – it is an integral part of our global agency network. mc chooses not to provide advertising and PR campaigns for the tobacco and liquor industries or to work for companies selling environmentally harmful products. mc has also been a member of the Global Compact (GC), the United Nations’ CSR initiative, since 2008. In collaboration with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, mc has built a school in a disadvantaged region each year since 2007. We are also pursuing the goal of becoming the world’s first CO2-neutral agency, exclusively using Greenpeace Energy and cooperating with NGOs such as atmosfair. We always use environmentally friendly paper and cooperate only with environmentally certified printers. mc also supports nature reclamation and reforestation projects in countries such as Malta and Cyprus.