Tour de France


Amaury Sport Organization


  • Awareness & Reputation: Ensure coverage of the Tour de France in major national media to get in touch with the mainstream audience and positively influence the general opinion of cycling and the Tour de France.
  • Activation: Increase the interest in cycling events in general and significantly grow the TV audiences
  • Long-term effects: Grow the number of German Tour de France fans and Increase the interest and involvement of the younger audience
  • Change the image and reputation of cycling in Germany:
  • Increase the interest in the Tour de France by 15% among the target groups, particularly the younger audience
  • Significantly decrease the negative percentage in the public perception and grow its positive, festive image
  • Grow the audience of and increase the interest for the Tour de France
  • Increase the TV audience
  • Grow the digital communities around the tour
  • Touch base again with the general public & general sports fans
  • Ensure TDF coverage in major national media to get in touch with the general audience
  • Create a specific Generation Z strategy for Germany & use structural trends (digital, bike riding, lifestyle, fitness, health…)


  • Creating media partnerships with key national and strongest regional media (print, radio, online, digital…)
  • Using influencers & non-cycling personalities to become legitimate brand ambassadors for the Tour de France
  • Develop specific digital formats to reach a digital audience
  • Implement/Promote specific initiatives targeting a younger audience

Target groups

  • General public
  • “Glory Hunters” / Supporters
  • Sports enthusiasts
  • Generation Z


  • Successful mobilization of investors
  • Increase in social media followers during the campaign
  • Holding a stakeholder conference in Brussels with more than 100 participants (agenda development, identification of speakers; participant and travel management)
  • High number of participants in the Events organized in European Member states
  • The IPEU campaigns generated 91 print ads and almost 7 million online ads across the EU
  • The IPEU online campaign had an above average 1.05% click-through-rate
  • The EIPP and IPE online media campaigns delivered a total of 113 million impressions (the IPE campaign accounted for 62% and the EIPP 38%), which was considerably higher than the estimated results
  • The impact of the campaign, showed an increase in website visits with regular peaks around paid activities in the media and on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter