Communication campaign for the official ITB partner country Mongolia


Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism of Mongolia


  • Development of a Media, Online and PR Strategy
  • Development of Media Planning for online, social media, Print, TV, Radio, OOH and traffic
  • Implementation of Media Planning including Media Buying
  • Regular evaluation of Media results including adaptation of Media Plan
  • Raising awareness of the travel destination Mongolia against the background of the ITB 2015, where Mongolia was the official partner country
  • Highlighting the touristic diversity of Mongolia, yet focusing on the issues of sustainability as well as culture/traditions
  • To support Mongolia’s presence as the Official Partner Country at ITB Berlin 2015


  • Graphic relaunch of the official website
  • Development of a communication strategy
  • Establishment of a press office
  • Draft and distribution of press relases in two languages (German and English), handling of requests, placement of interviews
  • Publication of an advertorial in the “Tagesspiegel”
  • On-site management at the ITB
  • Social Media management (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) interviews
  • Three social media pages were used for the campaign: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (the latter two had been created for the campaign)
  • Provision of content: articles, pictures, videos, updates from ITB Berlin and everything else that could introduce Mongolia to the target audience
  • Posts were synchronised and interconnected to use cross-promotional effects and thus draw attention to the entire social media presence
  • Development of a communicate
  • Advancement of the corporate design
  • Design of ads and banners

Target groups

  • Traditional broad and niche media, journalists
  • Independent travel bloggers, opinion leaders and influencers
  • General public and ITB visitors
  • Representatives of the tourism industry and press


  • mc was able to significantly increase the popularity of the Mongolia’s Facebook page
  • The online campaign reached 1.2 million people
  • Growing numbers of followers on all channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Attracting the attention of journalists, multipliers, etc.