European Commission Directorate-General for Communication


European Commission Directorate-General for Communication


  • Developing and implementing an integrated information campaign to communicate the Juncker investment plan for Europe on behalf of the European Commission and European Investment Bank
  • Reversing the trend of falling investment without increasing public debt or burdening the state budget
  • Encourage investments that meet the conditions of the long-term needs of the economy and increase competitiveness
  • Mobilize investments that strengthen Europe’s production capacity and infrastructure – with a focus on building an even more interconnected internal market


  • Implementation and development of a PR and media campaign for increasing the brand awareness
  • Development of strategic communication approach
  • Implementation of communication activities and material
  • Continued client support and consulting
  • Development of key visual identity, including photo bank, Posters, postcards, Online banners, Rolls-up for print and factsheet
  • Research and purchase of multiple videos in all EU Member States
  • Graphic design and development of online banners, print adverts, GIFs, statics and video branding in all EU official languages
  • Conception and implementation of online marketing in the target countries
  • Implementation of the social media concepts in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • SEO optimization of 2 main web portals, including and
  • Offer support to the EC Representation Offices in developing campaign specific content for their own social media channels
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) analyses and meta data suggestions for the two websites, EIPP and IPE in both English and
  • Development and implementation of media strategy, including target group analysis
  • Continued client consulting and support for print and online media outlets in all EU Member States
  • Implementation and monitoring of print and online advert campaigns for both investment plan for Europe promotion as well as European Investment Project Portal promotion in all EU Member States
  • Identify local angles for coverage of national events and activities and target
  • relevant local media by proactively suggesting initiatives that may attract media attention
  • Editing, distribution and follow-up of national press mailings promoting the
  • national events and activities under the Investment Plan for Europe e.g. launch of
  • the European Investment Plan Portal.
  • Organisation of events for promoting the EU Investment Plan in EU member states (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden)
  • Translation of the key messages and country-specific adaptation those
  • messages, cross checked by EC Representation Offices

Target groups

  • Interest groups
  • Financial Institutions
  • Investors and promoters at European, national and local level (EU28)


  • Successful mobilization of investors
  • Increase in social media followers during the campaign
  • Holding a stakeholder conference in Brussels with more than 100 participants (agenda development, identification of speakers; participant and travel management)
  • High number of participants in the Events organized in European Member states
  • The IPEU campaigns generated 91 print ads and almost 7 million online ads across the EU
  • The IPEU online campaign had an above average 1.05% click-through-rate
  • The EIPP and IPE online media campaigns delivered a total of 113 million impressions (the IPE campaign accounted for 62% and the EIPP 38%), which was considerably higher than the estimated results
  • The impact of the campaign, showed an increase in website visits with regular peaks around paid activities in the media and on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter