GENERALI Investments


Generali Investments

Project Description

  • Brand launch and publicizing of the brands’ AMB Generali Asset Managers and Generali Investments

Campaign Goals

  • Integrated campaign for the launch and brand building including strategic planning, conception, consultation, design, classic advertising, PR, events, media, TV as well as brand launch and publicizing of the brand AMB Generali Asset Managers and Generali Investments
  • Production of a presentation video with 2D and 3D animated elements

Target Groups      

  • insurance broker and company staff

Communication Measures

Strategic planning

  • Market analysis, positioning recommendations, holistic strategic brand management

Creation / Corporate Publishing

  • Design of a corporate design, including a corresponding manual
  • Creation of brochures
  • Design of posters, sales materials, ads and TV spots


  • Organization of press conferences and fair appearances
  • Media relations, especially the placement of interviews as well as the organization of media cooperation and editorial visits

TV production

  • Conception and production of TV spots in all German TV channels
  • Consulting
  • Pre-production
  • Development of a storyboard
  • Production (green screen studio)
  • Post-production
  • Editing including animation of pictures and fonts
  • Voice over recording, music and audio mixing
  • Color correction
  • Streaming