BZgA – “Älter werden in Balance”


Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung (BZgA; Federal Centre of Health Education)


  • Publication of the prevention program and its multiple offers
  • Motivation of elders to move more in their everyday life (to maintain own mobility during age and to put off care)


  • Supervision of the program in public relations;
  • Marketing promotion of the sub-programs (eg. Lübeck model for in-patient care, over 50-sport together with the German Football Association);
  • Development and realization of word-image brands as well as of advertising motifs (for the sub-programs of “getting older in balance”);
  • Content and editorial development and maintenance of the website for the prevention program;
  • Supporting the BZgA at events and trade fair appearances.

Target group

Elder people above age 65