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How do you evolve an integrated campaign for the Year of Germany in Brazil? What does it take to develop a website? Which steps are necessary to create a TV spot for MTV and what does the daily routine of an accountant look like?

Initiated ten years ago, mc’s own academy answers these questions and many more. The 2016 edition closed with an evaluation score of 2.1. With a focus on the international exchange of knowledge and the acquisition of industry-specific know how, the mc Academy guarantees exciting and varied seminars. Consisting of five modules and six subject areas, it covers all areas of integrated communication, ranging from PR and advertising to event marketing or online media.

No matter if they deal with PR, digital, TV, sports marketing, corporate publishing, event communication, media planning or advertising, our mc Insights give our employees an overview of the tasks and the work flow in our units. We also offer free seminars on various topics, including social media, international negotiations or the handling of specific software.

Furthermore, external experts are cordially invited to hold lectures, workshops or special trainings at media consulta to pass on new knowledge and to provide an overview of current trends in communication.

mc Academy - Seminar- and Program Booklet 2016

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