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Toshiba guarantees quality with MEDIA CONSULTA

In a nationwide tender, MC Romania has secured Toshiba as a new client. The Japanese electronic giant has commissioned MEDIA CONSULTA with the conception and implementation of its newest tactical campaign.

In Romania, Toshiba is being represented by its distributor SCOP Computers. The promotion, entitled "No Matter What - Guarantee" provides the laptop purchaser with not only standard Toshiba quality but also a further guarantee. When buying a new laptop until May 31st, the Toshiba laptop is insured against theft, accidents and includes a 14-day return policy. The campaign MC Romania developed aims at strengthening the trust of the target group in the Toshiba brand and its products.The communication measures include planning and buying for classic advertising media such as print press and radio. Additionally, an appealing out-of-home advertising campaign in four major cities around the country will take place, alongside informative direct-to-consumer in-store events. Potential clients can certainly associate themselves with the campaign motifs drawn from life; be it a broken laptop or one dashed with wine. The campaign will be live for ten weeks, ending on May 15th. The budget amounts to 100,000 Euro.