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New highlights for mc Digital

Our digital unit has expanded its online presence and today launches its brand new website. With a completely new URL: our unit comprising of a team of online specialists led by Head of Digital, Richard Dennys, mc Digital covers the whole range of digital services.

Their message that mc Digital is “not just another agency” means that all efforts are focused on results and return on clients investments. So if building website & mobile applications is required or SEO, social media services and online advertising are employed everything delivered is fully monitored and measured to almost guarantee perfect results and responses.

With a range of successful projects such as Deutsche Krebshilfe or British Council already conducted with many more projects planned and in negotiation for the future the mc Digital team is certainly worth keeping in touch with. For this they can be followed on all social media channels and will also have a programme of social and educational events planned for the next 12 months. Full information on