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Most German voters made their decision before election campaigns started

According to a recent survey, a majority of German citizens have already decided who they will be voting for in the upcoming election. The survey was commissioned by mc (media consulta) and conducted by the reputable polling agency You Gov. Nearly half of the people also claimed that they have read at least one of the party programs.

About 66 percent of respondents have already made their decision. This percentage is even higher among older people, who are only marginally influenced by election campaigns. However, people between the ages of 18 and 24 are less likely to have already made their decision.

Also, 45 percent of respondents reported that they had read one or more party programs, and about 14 percent said that they had visited one or more campaign events. “Such a high response to party programs and campaign events is quite remarkable. It shows that the German citizens are willing to participate in political decisions”, says mc CEO Harold Zulauf.

When asked what should be done to motivate more people to vote, nearly one-fourth of respondents said that if candidates followed through on promises, more people would be inclined to vote.

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