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MEDIA CONSULTA promotes Schools for Africa

Together with UNICEF and the Nelson-Mandela-Foundation, MC once again funded the construction and equipment of schools in Africa

“Education is the resource of the 21st Century”, says Peter Krämer, board member of UNICEF, Germany. The partnership between UNICEF, the Nelson-Mandela-Foundation and MEDIA CONSULTA (MC) has resulted in 650 schools being built in Africa and MC has renewed its commitment to support this year’s “Schools for Africa” programme. The mission of the “Schools for Africa” project will see more children in Sub-Saharan Africa gaining better access to education, where currently only one in three children have the chance to attend school. MC supports not only the financing of the construction of schools, but also the provision of educational material and the promotion of teacher training. “MC would like to set a good example helping those who really need aid. After all, no investment is more valuable than the one in education”, says MC’s CEO Harald Zulauf.Since “Schools for Africa” was founded in 2004 by UNICEF and the Nelson Mandela Foundation, 880,000 children have benefited from new classrooms and learning materials, and 80,000 teachers have been able to attend advanced training. The project provides 3.6 million school children with quality education and a daily school lunch. In addition, the project has successfully equipped almost 500 schools with drinking water supplies.MC makes further commitment to the equitable and sustainable economic development of Africa with its membership to German-African business association, Afrika-Verein – the association for German organisations that are engaged in business on the African continent.MC’s corporate philosophy embodies the ideology that its integrated communications activities should be used to promote social responsibility at every opportunity. In addition to “Schools for Africa”, MC works for the promotion of education and research, environmental protection, health education, the fight against discrimination and the responsible education of young managers. As a member of the Global Compact, the United Nations’ Initiative for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), MC’s CEO, Harald Zulauf gave a speech at the first Global Forum for Responsible Management Education at the UN headquarters in December 2008.To find out more about MC’s engagement of CSR and to read Harald Zulauf’s speech, please visit the heading "About us".