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mc promoting music festival „Rock in Rio“ worldwide

Since 1985 „Rock in Rio“ has been one of the world’s largest music and entertainment events, annually guaranteeing an international top-class line-up. mc (media consulta) will globally promote the event and is currently planning the international PR strategy for 30 years of “Rock in Rio” in 2015.

When Roberto Medina, entrepreneur and media professional, founded “Rock in Rio” he set a milestone in Rio’s history. Since then, the city has been known as the embodiment of international high-class entertainment. During the years the festival has also taken place in several other cities around the world. This year’s edition in Rio de Janeiro featured 160 artists such as Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Metallica and Bruce Springsteen. About 600.000 people attended to the seven day’s festival. For 2014 and, of course, for the 30th anniversary in 2015, further editions are planned both in Rio de Janeiro and in Lisbon.

“mc’s expertise in global PR communication will help increase the worldwide awareness of the brand and its events in the following years”, mc’s CEO Harald Zulauf says. mc’s great asset is the ability to implement services right on the spot. Generating new sponsoring, media and event partners is an integral part of mc’s work, and the same applies for the global communication management itself. From 2015 onwards, the club of Rock in Rio hosts shall be extended by additional countries. “Germany, the USA, Asia and the Middle East have enormous potential and will be focused”, Mr. Zulauf says.

It has become a tradition that a part of the festival’s revenues is donated for social projects in Brazil. “Being able to combine music and social commitment makes a dream come true”, emphasises Rock in Rio CEO Luis Justo. “Due to our approach, we have already invested more than 16 million dollars in social and environmental causes. This has to be continued, not least because our festival’s claim is ‚Rock in Rio por um Mundo melhor – Rock in Rio for a better world.”

About Rock in Rio:

Rock in Rio is the world’s largest music and entertainment event, with 12 editions held in Brazil (1985, 1991, 2001 and 2011), Portugal (2004, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012) and Spain (2008, 2010 and 2012). The festival has brought together some 6,511,300 spectators, all cheering to the sound of the 968 artists that have taken part. It has totaled over 980 hours of music, broadcast to more than 1 billion viewers in 200 countries via TV and internet.

Rock in Rio also collects records on social networks, in the music festival category. In 2011, the event was part of Twitter’s Trending Topics in 13 countries.

Using music as a universal language that unites people around the world, Rock in Rio is a communication channel of pure emotion and social and environmental causes. One of its pillars of communication is the social project Por Um Mundo Melhor (For a Better World). Created in 2001, in Rio de Janeiro, the project has already benefitted thousands of people over the 12 editions, in Brazil, Portugal, Spain and a range of other companies, thanks to the investments from ticket sales and the actions promoted by event partners, which total US$ 16.6 million. Initiatives included the planting of over 119,000 trees; a school built in Tanzania, and a health center established in Maranhão. Rock in Rio is also responsible for educating 3,200 primary school students in Rio de Janeiro; installing 760 solar panels in schools in Portugal; established 14 sensorial rooms in NGOs for children with mental and visual disabilities, among many other initiatives. In 2011, actions part of the “For a Better World” project flew under the banner of music as the foundation in the formation of youths. By mobilizing the population and its partners, some 2,200 musical instruments were donated to more than 150 NGOs throughout Brazil that work with music as an educative tool; 10 music rooms were established in schools part of the Rio de Janeiro city education network with 30 teachers were trained using the “O Passo” methodology; and 40 youths were trained as Luthier assistants (professionals specialized in the manufacture and maintenance of musical instruments).

photo: © Rock in Rio