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mc promotes exercise at an advanced age

According to forecasts by the German Federal Statistical Office, around 23 million people aged 65 and over will be living in Germany by 2050. In view of this demographic change, the topic of “health promotion and prevention for older people” is growing in importance in society. With the support of mc, the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZGA) has therefore launched the nationwide programme “Getting older in balance”.
Falling birth rates and increasing life expectancy has left Germany with an aging population. The initial effects of this demographic shift can already be felt: people are getting older and older, age-related illnesses are increasing and the number of people needing care is growing, while there is a lack of carers. Although the majority of 65 to 85 year olds in Germany feel on average - ten years younger than they actually are, one third of seniors do not undertake enough exercise. Many age-related illnesses are preventable or can be delayed through health promotion. The programme “Getting older in balance” by the BZgA is intended to encourage older people to integrate more sport and exercise into their everyday lives. The accompanying communication by mc aims to raise awareness of the programme among the target groups and provide them with important information. Besides events and public relations work, the campaign also comprises printed and online measures.

Video “Get playing”
Individual sports are presented on the programme website and in brochures. Football was the most popular team sport among Germans, long before they became the World Cup 2014 champions, which is why it deserves to be mentioned. To mark the International Day of Older Persons, mc developed a moving football ad with the slogan “Keep fit - get playing!” and presented it on the stadium screen in five Bundesliga football stadiums. It was thus possible to inspire over 150,000 viewers to play football at an older age and in doing so, mc highlighted that an increasing age is no reason to stop playing football.