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mc produces cinema spot for the European Commission

When natural disasters and humanitarian crises threaten regions or whole countries, education is quickly neglected, putting the future of entire generations of children at risk. The "Education in Emergencies" campaign draws attention to this tragedy - and shows what is being done about it.

The mc Group has produced an impressive cinema commercial for the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO). It shows what the EU is doing to give children and young people affected by humanitarian crises access to teachers and educational institutions.

Education can convey a sense of normality and security and is one of the best ways to invest sustainably in a country's future. The EU saves, protects and supports millions of children in need through education. The cinema spot on projects in Syria, Guinea and Haiti is already being shown in six European countries.

In addition to the spot, the mc Group has developed a poster campaign that can be seen in public transportation, colleges and universities in the corresponding six countries.