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mc Chile (Simplicity) is a full–service communications and advertising firm able to resolve the clients’ needs with a unified approach. The team consists of nearly 30 qualified professionals.

Providing an innovative two-fold approach that articulates both strategic communications and corporate advertising challenges, mc Chile improves clients' reputation through simple and results-driven solutions.

Facts & Figures

Managing Director: Matias Vodanovic
Members of staff: 24

Key areas of expertise

Brand PR, Creative Consulting, Advertising, Branding, Digital, production and storytelling, Media Management, Digital Marketing, Financial Communication, Crisis and Reputation management, Internal communications and research

Key references

  • Asociación Nacional de Fútbol (ANFP)
  • Clínica Las Condes
  • Cuerpo de Bomberos de Santiago
  • Gamma Capital
  • Desafío Levantemos Chile
  • Grup Peralada
  • Grupo Familia
  • Los Héroes Caja de Compensación

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