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Lidl looks for the fittest German school class

Football professional Diego and star chef Ralf Zacherl opened up the nationwide competition for pupils in Berlin

“Join in, keep fit!” Under this motto, all 17,000 primary schools in Germany are invited to participate in the “Lidl Pupil Fitness Cup 2009”. It was launched yesterday with a press briefing with football professional Diego and star chef Ralf Zacherl in Berlin. MC will organise the nationwide pupil competition for the second time this year as in 2007. In addition to the conception and implementation, the agency for integrated communications is responsible for the overall advertising and online communication of the “Lidl Pupil Fitness Cup”.With the pupil competition, Lidl is making an active and sustained contribution to the development of children in matters of sport and health. Second and third graders are invited to hand in creative contributions to compete for the title of the fittest school class in Germany. The prizes awaiting the winners include a fitness instruction from football professional Diego, a healthly cooking instruction from star chef Ralf Zacherl, the performance of the children musical “Pappe satt!” at the school and further attractive prizes, with a total value of more than 80,000 Euros. Classes that register will receive comprehensive and free teaching materials for a project week. The project week centres on the topics of healthy eating and exercise. The “Aid Info-service Consumer Protection, Food, Agriculture” has developed the teaching materials for the “Lidl Pupil Fitness Cup”, in collaboration with experienced primary school teachers and experts on healthy eating and exercise.For further information please visit the website