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Moldova - Chisinau

With its headquarters in Chisinau, mc Moldova (Diver Intermedia Com), was founded in early 1992 on a solid client base.

Outstanding advertising expertise makes mc Moldova perfectly suited for handling the marketing needs of both regional and national corporations. Accordingly, the mc network agency consistently produces the high-quality solutions demanded by contemporary clients. They are committed to building sustainable marketplace growth for clients by identifying and applying their competitive advantages.

Facts & Figures

Managing Director: Aurelie Mateuta
Members of staff: 17
Annual turnover: EUR 0.8 million
Billings: EUR 5.3 million

Key areas of expertise

Integrated Communications, Advertising, Media Planning and Buying, Public Relations, Corporate Publishing, Event Management, Sport, Youth and Music Marketing, Multimedia, TV Production, Video Production and Postproduction (commercials and documentaries), In-house 3-D Visualisation Production.

Key references

  • Accent TV
  • ADV network ad agency
  • Ambianta furniture factory
  • AMG Agroselect
  • BMW Club Moldova
  • Expert Group consulting center
  • Fidesco supermarket network Initiative
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of informational technologies
  • TBWA network ad agency
  • Stunt association of Moldova

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