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Deutscher Bundestag


Deutscher Bundestag (German parliament)


Since 1998


  • Encouraging the Federal Republic’s citizens to deal with politics
  • Against the background of the lowest election turn-out since the Republic’s foundation, raising awareness of the right to vote as an instrument for political participation

Target Groups

  • Broad public


placeholdermc Public Relations

  • Press work incl. press office and draft of press releases
  • Media relations including social media and online
  • Establishing media cooperations with TV channels (e. g. RTL, SevenOne Media, Sky), publishing houses and media associations

placeholdermc Advertising

  • Comprehensive advertising campaign (adverts, posters, postcards) with testimonials (4 celebrities and 4 “normal” citizens)

placeholdermc TV & Film Production

  • Video clips for the video competition „Du bist die Wahl“ (“Your are the election“) with four testimonials (e. g. boxer Firat Arslan, singer Linda Hesse, Paralympics champion Kirsten Bruhn and actor Raul Richter)
  • Organisation of the video competition on YouTube

placeholdermc Digital

  • Programming and designing a website for the campaign


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