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Creative for 16 years

The Senior Art Director has been with the mc Group for 16 years. She has supported the headquarters team from the very beginning - first in Cologne, then in Berlin. In our interview, she reveals what makes working at mc Group so exciting, what changes there have been over the years and what she would like to see in the company.

Q: Ms. Bahr, you have been with the mc Group for 16 years. What makes working here so exciting?

A: The work is exciting because the team inspires each other with ideas and it never gets boring. We regularly work with international clients, including many varied projects. That's why we can always be creative – especially since the digital sector is being expanded more and more.

Q: What exactly is your area of responsibility?

A: I am Senior Art Director. This means that I oversee a creative campaign from the initial idea to its successful implementation. My tasks include everything that has to do with creation. In other words, the graphic support of clients. This involves the development of creative design ideas, but also, for example, project management through to the organisation and implementation of a photo shoot.

Q: What has changed in the last 16 years since you started at mc Group?

A: Projects have become more and more international and with them the demands on the networking of disciplines and media channels. We live in fast-moving times. Adjusting to grow with digitalisation and constantly finding new approaches is what makes agency life so interesting.

Q: Which project has been the most fun for you so far?

A: The Federal Centre for Health Education was a client I was very happy to accompany. In addition to a new corporate design for the "Getting older in balance" programme, I was also allowed to design the entire campaign with photo shoot and posters, and I really enjoyed it. I have been responsible for this campaign for four years.

Q: What do you see when you look at the future of mc Group?

A: I wish that the agency would continue to work internationally and that we would always find young talents, who bring a breath of fresh air into our projects.